“In this case, a happy client = an unhappy pumper”

We received an email recently from the Engineer advising that he had just completed his site visit for an Advanced Enviro-Septic system that he designed for Mt Murchison State School.

During the visit he spoke with the Principal who was extremely happy with the installation by Brad Willis and even happier about the amount of money they saved compared to the AWTS system that was originally proposed. The saving to their budget allowed them to:

  • Install a new front fence
  • Paint classrooms, and
  • Buy a new rainwater tank.

A great outcome!!!  Even better, the school will now save the $600 per week that they were spending on pumping out of the waste water.  That’s approximately $24,000 per year less in the pump out companies pocket and $24,000 per year extra in the schools pocket to spend on better facilities and teaching the kids.