A Queensland Disability Service Respite centre at Nerang on the Gold Coast was spending an unacceptable amount of money on their continually failing on-site mechanical sewage plant. Servicing and operational cost were out of control and the system was still constantly failing, with the internal control panel alarm becoming a real aggravation to the residents and support staff.


Effluent from the failing land application area was actually flowing down the slope and the table drain, presenting an unacceptable health risk to the residents and the community. After spending over 150K on a membrane and up to $50,000 per annum in an effort to make it work correctly, the department engaged Taylor Environmental to investigate cost effective and sustainable options for handling the respite centres wastewater.

The solution, remove the existing mechanical system and install a passive Advanced Enviro-Septic. As part of the construction program and in order to meet Government drive to reduce cost, hydro-mulch was used for the first time.

The photo below is the result 3 months after installation. When the Respite Manager was asked if she was happy with how the Advanced Enviro-septic was working, she said her staff were over the moon, “ no service call outs, no alarms going off.   It is great!!

Respite Relief