With our support process and support structure working well in Tasmania we have been able to focus our efforts to assist consumers in NSW work through the process of obtaining approval for the Advanced Enviro-Septic. The last 2 weeks have realised approvals from 2 Local Authorities.

NSW is similar to Queensland in the process that we must work through for approval of the AES. The NSW Department of Health reviewed the Advanced Enviro-Septic and issued a letter letter advising that:

In NSW the Advanced Enviro-Septic pipe system is not a SMF to which clauses 40 and 41 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 applies and therefore accreditation is not required. However NSW Health offers no objection to the installation of the Advanced Enviro-Septic wastewater treatment system provided the system is installed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and that the requirements of the local council are satisfied.”

This has been great exercise for us, as we learn and understand the process for NSW Councils, Designers and the Sydney Catchment Authorities.

Once we have installation dates for these projects we will be endeavoring to arrange a site visit for the Councils to see the Advanced Enviro-Septic being installed and to meet members of the Enviro-septic team.

To be advised.