In June this year we fielded an enquiry for a Hospital to be constructed on the Soloman Islands. The project was the construction of a prefabricated Hospital that can be constructed in under developed countries with little or no infrastructure or resources.

The Hospital will be constructed to serve the health needs of the indigenous locals and the surrounding Island populations.

The Criteria for the UN was to provide a sewerage treatment system that achieved Secondary or Advanced Secondary water quality with no power, minimal maintenance or components that could fail.

Improved Community Health is the primary goal of the UN and these facilities. The Environmental impact of poor effluent treatment was also a major consideration.

After many months of evaluation by the designer and the UN we are proud to advise that the Advanced Enviro-septic has been chosen as the Sewerage treatment system for these hospital projects.

As a passive solution the AES is best in class. This wonderful UN programme could eventually see up 40 such hospitals constructed throughout the world, providing health care to third world communities to a standard they could never realise them selves.