After almost 5 years of trying to resolve the effluent discharge from the Kindilan Outdoor Recreation Centre, (that accommodates over 98,000 camp over nights every year) The Queensland Girl Guides
chose a passive sewerage treatment system, which was affordable now and with very low service and maintenance costs going forward.

The more they can save, the more they can support new generations of Girl Guides.

The System they chose was the Advanced Enviro-septic with Passive DE nitrification and Phosphorus removal. Site and soil conditions and the commercial nature of the facility and loadings meant that surface irrigation was the only option available to Taylor Environmental.

The photos are of the water output from the K-rain valve on 2 of the Kindilan Dormitories. These AES systems use the Salcor Gravity UV system and pump out to irrigation.

Both dormitories have been in use for 1 month and as can be seen from the water, it is crystal clear. The slight bubbles on the water indicate that bacterial process is not fully established with a small amount of dissolved detergent unable to be fully digested.

The ability of the Advanced Enviro-septic to achieve this level of effluent treatment passively at a similar cost to a conventional septic system is a major wastewater treatment break through for consumers, the environment, community health and common sense.

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