We recently passed our 2-year anniversary of AES installations in Queensland and thought it would be a good opportunity to share the numbers with you. Approximate compared to AWTS costs

Total Systems installed 705
Servicing costs saved every 3 months $49,350
Every Year $197,400
Electricity savings – est. $300 per annum $210,000
Repairs an maintenance – avg allowance $400 $282,000
705 AES systems Saves Queensland Families $489,610 per annum
Annual cost to Queensland families for the maintenance, servicing and electricity to operate their AWTS systems. $200 million dollars
AES Systems investigated in the past 2 yrs.- 1.1% of systems 8


Their will always be issues that broaden our knowledge and understanding of ways to improve AES outcomes for consumers.


Breaking out on bottom edge of system. Soil classification incorrect.  Plumber designer DLR – 20NATA Soil Engineers DLR – 5. Install correct extension for soil classification.
System over flowing from low vent. Design load 900lpd –   actual peak load 1500 lpd. Install system over load storage tank for pump out.
System breaking out after 800mm of rain. Design error in interpretation of Soil DLR and no cut of drain. Install cut of drain.
System overflowing from Low vent. Pressurised system. Plumber installed AES pipes, Pump out set to high allowed back up through septic tank and house drains. Inspector and I could not find system extension. Rectify pump out installation so that discharge was 100ltr per cycle not 1000 ltrs. Install correct extension.
System overloaded. AES pipes used as dispersal pipes for an AWTS. Design was for 2100 lpd – Avg Daily load from Meter reading was 2500 lpd. Septic tank installed instead of AWTS Resolve Septic tank/AWTS error. Install Balance pump out tank to take loading that soil cannot accept.
System breakout on one occasion. Long weekend 50th birthday party. Design for 5 people. 16 camped over. No issue since.
System overflowed from low vent 7 months after installation. Builder forged plumber’s lic number on AES certification at time of ordering material. AEs pipes installed incorrectly and submersible pump installed directly into the septic tank. Rejuvenate AES pipes, engage Lic AES certified Plumber Excavate AES pipes and relay as per installation instructions and correctly place pvc piping to the top of the AES pipes and install pump well. (Builder reported for unlicensed plumbing work.)
Overflow out of low vent on one occasion. System design 600lpd. daily average loading 553 lpd. Audit revealed sand used meet less than 2% silt requirement but was to fine restricting the flow rate more than the Biomass. System excavated and 150mm of correct specification sand installed in contact with the AES pipes.


A copy of all investigations are provided to Building Codes Queensland and relevant local Councils. These investigations also resulted in the cancellation of AES certification for 2 plumbers and referral of 1 builder for unlicensed work.

Changes to our process have also been instigated to improve the outcomes for designers, plumbers and consumers even more.

These numbers clearly show why consumers now actively seek a passive solution as opposed to an AWTS system and why from the outset we have been open and transparent. The $498,000 dollars saved will assist Queensland families to reduce their cost of living pressures.

Queensland families with ATWS systems are spending up to $200 million dollars per annum on their AWTS systems. Given that every investigation, enquiry, study conducted in Australia in the past 10 years has presented up AWTS failure rates well in excess of 50%. Do you think it is fair that over $100 million dollars is possibly spent for a questionable return? An ever-increasing number of people think it is very unfair.

Our goal is to provide consumers with a passive solution that provides long term, low cost protection of their family’s health. We are constantly under the microscope due to the commercial impact we are having the AWTS industry. Quite simply we put the consumer outcomes 1st and are proud that we are making a difference.

If you have any questions please contact our office.